5 Reasons for Opting Hair Transplant


It’s a fact that most of us have to deal either with baldness or receding Hairline at some point of life. This is because we generally ignore early signs of Hair Fall like losing more than 80-100 strands a day.   for-hair-fall can occur due to various reasons like a genetic conditions, hormonal imbalance, pollution, stress, nutritional deficiency, medications or improper Hair care regime.

But it is important to recognize the root cause of Hair Loss and take a proactive approach before its too late. As Hair plays a significant role in shaping your personality. Hair Loss can often trigger our emotions and lower our confidence. Therefore, if you are suffering from Hair Loss, do not worry. There are numbers of ways available in the market to curb it all thanks to the latest technological advancement in the Hair care industry. One of the latest and effective treatment is Hair Transplant.

What is Hair Transplant?

In simple terms, Hair transplant is a surgical procedure wherein Hair follicles are taken from one part (i.e. donor area) and grafted on another part (i.e. recipient area) where the Hair is thinning or receding. It is a permanent solution dealing with all Hair Loss problems and helping patients to gain their lost Hair as well as confidence back. This technique has a negligible amount of side-effects if performed under the guidance of trained specialist.

Hair Transplant are of two types, namely Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) and Follicular unit extraction(FUE). Each type has a different procedure and advantages. Let’s understand each one in detail.

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): It is one of the oldest technique and commonly known as the strip procedure. In this method, incisions are made to remove Hair grafts from the donor area, which are then divided and transplanted on the recipient area. Here, the donor area receives a scar due to the incision made, which can be later on hidden with Hair.

    • More Hair follicle can be grafted in one session
    • Longer after-care schedule.
    • Hair follicle survive for a longer period.
  1. Follicular unit extraction(FUE): This technique is the latest and more advanced in the Haircare sector. In this method, small incisions are made around each Hair follicle in the donor area which is then transplanted on the recipient area. Here, the aftercare schedule is less, but it is a time-consuming procedure as well as a bit costly as compared to FUT method.

    • Invisible scars
    • Less pain
    • Smaller aftercare schedule 

When is Hair Transplant is needed?

  • Excessive Hair Fall which has resulted in Hair thinning
  • Getting Bald or bald patches
  • Continuous Receding Hairline
  • Lost Hair due to burns or scalp injury

Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery

  1. Natural Hairline: Today, more people are opting for a Hair transplant because of its significant results. Unlike the other treatments like Hair plugs wherein the results often look artificial. Here, the innovative procedures allow surgeons to implant the Hair graft in proper alignment of the patient’s natural Hair growth pattern. However, it is always recommended to undergo such type of treatments under the guidance of skilled and qualified surgeons.
  2. Boosts Confidence: Hair Loss often triggers emotions that have a negative impact on an individual’s mental and physical health. With Hair transplant, you can undoubtedly put a full stop on all your Hair Fall issues and flaunt your natural Hair with full confidence.
  3. Minimal side-effects: As compared to other surgical procedures, Hair transplantation is a safe procedure with a minimal amount of post-surgery effects like pain, bruising or bleeding. These after-effects are normal and vanish away soon after following proper guidelines of a trained surgeon.
  4. Recovery time: Patients often worry about recovery time post-surgery. In this surgery, mostly the recovery time is almost a month if proper doctor’s guidelines are followed.
  5. Permanent Results: The main objective of this surgery is to curb Hair Loss and boost Hair growth that is given, unlike other conventional methods. However, the desired results always depend on the skill and the experience of the surgeon.

Post-operative Diet 

  • Hair follicles tend to malfunction if your diet is lacking important minerals, vitamins, proteins and fatty acids
  • Food rich in protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B6 should be consumed everyday as it promotes healthy and strong Hair follicles
  • Food items like sweet potatoes, beans, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, nuts, and legumes are recommended for daily consumption.
  • Consumption of Alcohol is prohibited for a week before and after the surgery 


The primary objective of Hair transplant to re-grow Hair in no time. But always remember, each individual has its growth pattern. You need to be patient and follow all the guideline as prescribed. Also, it is very necessary to do proper research and have detailed information about every method before undergoing surgery. This detailed information will help you decide whether you’re the right candidate and which method will suit you the best. Its pros and cons have to be appropriately understood; all the doubts are to be cleared with a skilled and experienced surgeon to reap maximum benefits. 

If you’re suffering from serious Hair issues and would like to speak to our specialists, feel free to make an appointment and we will answer any questions you may have.

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