8 common Myths and Facts about Hair Transplant


Hair plays an integral part in shaping an individual’s personality. Various Hair problems like Hair-loss, Hair thinning, and baldness affects the look and lowers self-esteem to a larger extent. Hair issues like these can be very devastating, especially for people who have to appear on screen daily and for those whose profession demands a well-groomed look. The best option available for them is Hair Transplant.

With technological advancement, Hair Transplant has gained a lot of attention these days, and each day a lot of information is written on the internet. From the pool of information available, there is a large amount of false and misleading data that raises misconceptions and doubts among people.

Even though Hair Transplant is performed with absolutely minimal invasive techniques and offers amazing benefits there are numerous myths and misconceptions about Hair Transplant. Because of which various Hair problems like Hair Thinning, Receding Hairline, Hair-loss is often considered normal and ignored.

So, let’s debunk some common myths revolving around Hair Transplant and clear misconceptions of this excellent Hair restoration strategy.

Myth 1: Hair Transplant is a painful procedure

The Fact: The latest advancement in the cosmetic industry has made Hair Transplantation utterly painless as the entire process is done under the influence of local anaesthesia. So, be rest assured you won’t feel any pain during the process until the effect of anaesthesia stays.

Once the effect of local anaesthesia wears off, there will be slight discomfort in the area where the transplant was performed. But the discomfort/pain is easily manageable with the medications prescribed by the certified Trichologist. Also, you do not have to be admitted and can return home on the same day.

Myth 2: Hair Transplant gives an unnatural look

The Fact: Hair Transplant done under the supervision of an experienced surgeon (website link) gives 100% natural results. Because a right surgeon thoroughly checks the position of the follicle and the angle of the Hair. Depending on this, the grafting is done in a way which gives a truly natural look. You can even cut, wash and style the Hair as per your choice after the surgery.

Myth 3: Hair Transplant gives immediate results

The Fact: No, Hair Transplant cannot give immediate results and change your look overnight. The Hair that is transplanted often starts to fall off after 3 weeks of the surgery, but the Hair root remains intact and permanent. These roots usually take around 4-5 months to grow and about 9-12 months for utmost growth. So, you need to be patient and understand that the transplanted Hair also undergoes three growth phases similar to natural Hair, namely Telogen, Catagen and Anagen.

Myth 4Hair Transplant is only for Men.

The Fact: Traditionally, it was believed that baldness is common in men, and Hair Transplant can be performed only on them for bringing their Hair back. But, the reality is women also suffer from baldness nowadays. They too are potential candidates of Hair Transplant procedure, and it works effectively on both the genders.

Myth 5: Hair Transplant is a costly affair

The Fact: True, Hair Transplantation cost is a bit high, but that doesn’t mean it is not affordable. The latest advancement in the cosmetic industry has lowered the machine cost making it accessible to every human being. Remember, Hair Transplant is just like a one-time investment giving out great lifelong results if done under the guidance of an experienced surgeon.

Myth 6. Hair Transplant gives visible scars

The Fact: Previously, linear scars were prominently visible after surgery. However, the technological advancement in the medical field has reduced the size of post-surgical scars. There is only a small scar which can be easily covered with the surrounding Hair.

To avail this benefit, you need to find a renowned surgeon for whom minimal scarring is the top-most priority because minimal scarring and good results make patients happier and boost their confidence for flaunting the restored Hair.

Myth 7: Hair Transplant is not for older people

The fact: Age has no link with the Hair Transplant procedure. If a patient suffering from Hair-loss has sufficient growth in the donor area with no underlying medical or surgical contraindications can undergo a Hair Transplant at any age under the thorough guidance of an experienced surgeon.

Myth 8. Hair Transplant affects the brain

The fact: This is the biggest and most dangerous myth among people, Hair Transplant does not cause any harm to the brain. Hair transplant involves the skin of your scalp and does not penetrate the surface. Also, there is no close contact with any part of the brain and thus cannot impact it in any way.


Thus, Hair Transplant is an indeed successful Hair Restoration technique and offers the best results. The only thing to remember is, always do a little homework before stepping into any clinic and select an experienced surgeon as desired results can be given by them only.

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