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Hair is like an adornment and confidence booster for some of us. Its quality depends on a number of factors such as genetics, pollution, hormones, and nutrition. No matter what causes hair damage, it is now possible to regenerate and regrow your lost hair. The Skin Recovery Clinic offers you affordable and effective services with the help of an expert team who study your weakness and tailor a suitable hair treatment for you. We combine the best of technology and nutrition to garner favourable results.

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Hair PRP

PRP (platelet rich plasma) hair fall treatment is used for a natural restoration of hair. This treatment is equally suitable option for men as well as women, and is the most frequently performed non-surgical PRP treatment for hair loss or hair thinning.

In this procedure a qualified phlebotomist takes 20ml of your blood from which the precious platelets are extracted after centrifugation, these are further activated to release growth factors which are then injected into your scalp in order to make your hair more nourished and denser than before.

Hair Advance PRP

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) Therapy is a 3 step medical treatment involving – drawing a person’s blood, processing the blood, and then injecting it to the scalp. The Skin Recovery Clinic ensures sustainable long-term results and no monthly maintenance.

The advantage of Advanced PRP for hair is that more potent growth factor concentrate is obtained as compared to conventional PRP, which is less painful, and a lesser number of sessions are required.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition in which your immunity goes against the hair follicle or hair roots. So eventually, your immunity destroys the roots due to which you can see multiple or single small coin shaped hair loss. In the majority of the cases, it only appears as single or multiple small patches of hair loss.

Hair loss treatment for alopecia areata depends on its types and severity. Our modern-day and cutting edge treatments for Alopecia Areata are considered as the best in the city. The Skin Recovery Clinic has been diagnosing and successfully treating patients suffering from Alopecia Areata.

Anti Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is described as flakes of skin that appear on the scalp and cause itchiness and irritation. It is strongly linked to poor quality of hair and hair loss.The Skin Recovery Clinic offers a thoroughly designed Anti-Dandruff Treatment based on your skin conditions.

It is always advisable to visit a dermatologist while dealing with dandruff issues as it can be a result of a medical condition or unusual skin. Dandruff is in no way an implication of poor hygiene and having it can be embarrassing for many.

Hair Related Disorders

Losing hair is undoubtedly heart wrenching. Many doctors may have claimed to bring back your hair through various unheard means but all in vain. Here at Skin Recovery Clinic, we do not claim, we create hair-full heads. From Medication, PRP, Mesotherapy to Hair Transplant, we do it all for various needs of patients. We have proven as the best dermatologist for all the hair and skin problems of both men and women.

Medicine & Treatment for treating hair loss reduces thinning of the hair, while enhancing coverage of the scalp by growing new hair. These medicines also thicken the shafts of existing hair so that it grows thicker.

Hair Transplant (DHI)

Direct Hair Transplant is the most advanced technique of hair transplantation. They have to be always performed under certified surgeons if advised.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique to give you natural results and density. We at the Skin Recovery Clinic use single-use patented instruments for the procedures that allow us to achieve perfect angle, depth, and direction.

The DHI method ensures a natural finish with proper accuracy and precision, where the scalp and the surrounding follicle area remain completely untouched.

FUT,FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant or strip harvesting method is a traditional method of hair transplant wherein, the surgeon harvest or cuts a strip of skin from the back head donor area of the head of the patient.

A FUT hair transplant procedure varies from individual to individual and is different for every patient. It is a minimally invasive procedure, which takes anywhere between 4 to 12 hours to complete. Therefore, multiple sessions of the transplant are required for each patient.

The Skin Recovery Clinic is the best place to go to for a FUT hair transplant in Delhi. The surgeons here are experienced professionals, who take the utmost care while doing the FUT hair transplant, thereby ensuring accurate results.

Female Hair Transplant

Increasing number of women today have started to have a lot of hair thinning particularly in the center area of the scalp. The reason for this hair thinning is multi factorial including hormonal fluctuations, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and stress being one of the biggest factors. Thankfully we have a solution

Now we can manage hair thinning through hair transplant and different treatments to stop further hair fall.  At the Skin Recovery Clinic we do the hair transplant absolutely discreetly, where the entire procedure involves no shaving. After taking roots from the back of the scalp the roots are implanted in the front area using our innovative bio IPT technique. The roots start making new hair and the full coverage is attained in 10 months. The beauty of the bio IPT technique is that the downtime is nil. The patients are able to join back their regular activities the next day itself. Since there is no shaving involved, women are able to step out looking exactly the same as they looked when they arrived at the clinic.

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