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Sopranoice Patinum- LHR

Say no to painful waxing and threading sessions and opt for something as cost-effective as laser hair removal at Skin Recovery Clinic. A one-time expense, laser hair reduction is a one-time investment that will reduce your body hair growth and save you from the hassle of hair removal every month. We believe in bringing our best to you which is why we offer Soprano Ice Platinum.

Soprano Ice Platinum is an award winning laser machine that offers painless hair removal without any side-effect. The patented triple wavelength technology is merged into a single applicator that targets different tissues depths followed by anatomical structures within the hair follicle. At a glance, Soprano Ice Platinum is virtually painless, has no downtime and is FDA-approved. Soprano Ice Platinum also works and suits on all skin tones and skin types.

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow shaping treatment is a type of beauty regimen that helps to shape, arch, and fill in your eyebrows. It makes your eyebrows look thicker and more full by filling in their gaps with threading techniques so they pop out from the face instead of blending into it like before.

What better way to make your eyebrows stand out than laser hair reduction? You can now have perfectly shaped brows without having to worry about them constantly. No more plucking or filling in vain, just enjoy perfect-looking and smooth skin! Laser hair reduction treatments are an excellent way of giving yourself beautiful, well-manicured eyebrows that require little maintenance time or attention – all without having them chopped off at their roots like with threading!   Book an Appointment with Skin Recovery Clinic Today.

Full Body

When it comes to body hair, maintaining a regular routine can be quite tedious in a busy lifestyle. Waxing appointments are not only time-consuming but also seem to be not pocket-friendly. Continuous usage of depilatory creams and razors can lead to skin irritation as well.

So bid goodbye to the painful waxing routines and uncomfortable razors with our efficient laser hair removal treatment. We provide the best laser hair removal in Delhi. With our FDA-approved laser hair reduction and hair removal processes, remove all the unnecessary hair from unwanted places. Being a one-time investment for your hair removal solution, we make sure that you get the best of the results from our effective processes.

Moreover, our treatments are safe for all skin types and most body parts. Get your one-time hair removal solution from the Skin Recovery Clinic Today.


Bikini laser hair removal treatment eliminates the need to shave, wax, or thread, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of a smooth bikini line within a few 10-15 minute sessions. Bikini laser hair removal is safe and painless With our laser hair removal, embrace your new and more confident self! From teens to adults, grooming is an essential part of our skincare routine. When it comes to body hair, monthly waxing appointments can prove to be both painful and tedious. Say No to waxing sessions, depilatory creams, and razors with laser hair removal.

With an FDA-approved procedure, more and are now making most of laser hair reduction, one-time investment when it comes to body hair. Safe for all skin tones and most body parts, laser hair reduction is a great method to reduce hair growth and stay confident–as you should be! Book your appointment with Skin Recovery Clinic today.


If you shave your underarm hair, you’re not alone: the majority of women and some men also remove their underarm hair. While shaving is the most common method for underarm hair removal, it’s also not the most effective method. However, shaving your underarm hair can become tedious because of how often it needs to be done. Laser hair removal is a more permanent solution to removing your underarm hair.

Get started with experiencing the benefits of laser hair removal, and fully eliminate your underarms hair with the Skin Recovery Clinic.

Full Face

Facial hair is one of the very most problematic types of body hair. It could be noticeable and embarrassing, especially if you are female. On women, undesired facial hair tends to grow on the chin, upper lip, and cheeks. Men can also be troubled by their undesired facial hair and could be unhappy with their eyebrows and beard. This hair could be easily and effectively treated with laser hair removal.

With an FDA-approved procedure, more and are now making most of laser hair reduction, one-time investment when it comes to Facial hair. Safe for all skin tones and most body parts, laser hair reduction is a great method to reduce hair growth and stay confident–as you should be! Book your appointment with Skin Recovery Clinic today.

CO2 Laser - Acne Scars

Our skin goes through a lot over time. Enduring environmental factors make the skin begin to show visible signs of wear. Most people put in a lot of effort to keep their skin looking young and soft. They do this by focusing on skin regiments that include cleansing, defoliation, and moisturizing using skin products.

CO2 Laser resurfacing has been used for treating different skin issues for years. Co2 laser treatment eliminates scars, deep wrinkles, warts, and enlarged oil glands. The latest version of Co2 laser called the fractionated Co2 laser, uses continuous light beams and very short pulsed lighting (ultra-pulse) to deal with skin problems. Book your appointment with Skin Recovery Clinic today.

Facial Rejuvenation

The human skin is the protective layer that provides protection from external environmental factors. The skin cells die with age, and the ability to regenerate also becomes less. This results in making the skin thinner, and it starts to sag, as it loses its elasticity and volume. In Skin Rejuvenation, the human blood containing growth factors, essential proteins, cell adhesion molecules, cytokines, is injected into the skin. This leads to activation of fibroblast and promotes collagen synthesis. This provides the skin with a strong rejuvenating effect and refreshed look. This concentrate of growth factors is an activating agent as it stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and the formation of new skin cells.

It is a natural and safe treatment for skin rejuvenation, and this revolutionary method uses a minimum amount of patient’s blood. The  growth factors and proteins have a strong rejuvenating effect as it repairs the damaged tissues by providing a deep and superficial therapeutic effects on the skin. Get Glowing, and younger looking skin today with the Skin Recovery Clinic.

Acanthosis Nigricans

Acanthosis Nigricans is a skin condition which is often characterized by dark patches on body areas. Witnessed majorly in the body folds like back of neck, underarms, and thigh areas as dark, thick and velvety discoloration, but can also occur on areas like face, back of hands and feet as well. Acanthosis Nigricans is not a major skin disease but it is an external manifestation to various internal problems.

It is important to get a medical diagnosis done by a certified dermatologist for precise identification. Because of the presence of evident physical symptoms, acanthosis nigricans can be diagnosed by the dermatologist by examining the affected skin. Additionally, to understand the underlying cause better, a blood test, sugar test, and skin biopsy is also recommended. Book your appointment today.

Post Traumatic Scars

Scars are your body’s way of healing after various layers of your skin experience trauma. Whether the result of severe acne, an injury, or surgery, Once you develop a scar, it becomes a permanent part of your skin. Thankfully there are ways to remove it. Scar removal surgery reduces the appearance of scars. It also restores function and corrects skin changes.

Deep congenital skin defects can be treated using laser scar revision surgery. This treatment includes the removal of scars using steroids injections which fills the area of the scar and helps it with the rest of the body while silicone sheet flattens the scar. Finding an effective scar removal treatment can be difficult but at the Skin Recovery Clinic you will get the best results.

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